How To Play

Use mouse right button or touchscreen of your screen to kick the buddy.
Get the needed ammount of coins to unlock new weapon.
Unlock special items for your buddy, like hat and others.

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Kick The Buddy

If stress is knocking at your door, Kick The Buddy offers an addictive escape where you can vent it all out. This game isn't just about relieving stress; it's a platform where you upgrade weapons and unleash your fury on Buddy in endless ways.

Discovering Kick The Buddy

In this game, Buddy is tethered in place, a canvas for your stress-relieving attacks. With a variety of weapons at your disposal, upgrading becomes crucial for maximum impact. Why wait? Dive into this stress-busting world after a long day's work!

Insights into the Game

Kick The Buddy, a simple action game developed by Playgendary, provides a cathartic release by allowing you to attack a stationary Buddy. While it may sound intense, the game has made adjustments to ensure it's suitable for all audiences. The buddy, sewn from brown burlap with button eyes and a perpetual smile, endures your attacks without flinching or bleeding, maintaining its immortal stance.

Accessorize Your Buddy

Apart from weapons, accessories add a quirky touch. From hats to glasses and headsets, these adornments add flair to your Buddy. Each accessory comes at a price, allowing you to personalize your Buddy experience, though only one can be used at a time.

Stress Relief Mechanism

Sometimes, letting off steam involves directing a bit of anger somewhere. Kick The Buddy allows just that, offering a stationary Buddy you can continuously assault. The Buddy, resilient and immortal, endures your attacks without any gruesome consequences, providing an outlet for frustration.

The Arsenal of Weapons

In this game, your weaponry ranges from knives to guns and tanks, each with varying damage potential. The default knife allows for continuous attacks, providing a satisfying experience. Guns, albeit requiring mastery, offer auto-aim capabilities, granting different profit margins per attack.

Gameplay Dynamics

Kick The Buddy forgoes levels, presenting a singular screen with Buddy at its core. It's pure entertainment, devoid of intricate puzzles. Control is simple : use the mouse or your fingers to direct and attack the Buddy on-screen.

Pro Tips for Gameplay

For maximum entertainment, start with knives - they offer continuous engagement. Earning from these attacks lets you diversify your arsenal, but consider the profitability of each weapon. Auto-aim for three weapons simultaneously to up the challenge.

Final Thoughts

While Kick The Buddy provides a unique stress-relief avenue, it's important to note its violent undertones, despite the absence of graphic content. Dive into this stress-busting world and discover countless other similar games on the Kick The Buddy website!

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